Stove Repair Gas/Electric Cooker Services in Toronto & GTA

Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves used to be the most common type of electric ranges and are found in a large number of households still.  They can be the classic looking stoves with the circular elements suspended overtop of a small hollow to catch spills or over boiled items or they can be the newer style; a flat ceramic top with the elements hidden underneath.  The ceramic top is favored for ease of cleaning but has no real other advantages over the classic style, the glass is rather easily broken and is very expensive to fix so consumers should be aware and careful of that.

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves are preferred by professionals and savvy home owners alike for their quick heating times and more even temperatures.  Since they do run off of gas you won’t be able to find these chic appliances in condo’s or similar units due to building safety issues.  For the homeowner there is still some risk of gas leaks but the cost of operating a gas stove is less than an electric model over the long run.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Duel-Fuel ranges are those that have a gas cooktop and an electric oven or in some cases two ovens; one gas and one electric.  The idea behind these appliances is that gas heats pots and pans on the cooktop more quickly and evenly while electric ovens provide more even heat to items within and brown the tops of items more evenly without needing to turn them.

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