Refrigerator Repair Services in Toronto & the GTA

French Door Fridge Repair

French Door Refrigerators are very common to find in homes these days and are fast replacing the classic freezer on top style that used to be most prevalent.  French Door fridges are very efficient and are better at keeping products at a more consistent temperature than other styles simply due to the fact that only half of the fridge is normally open at any given time.  They are also very easy to design with a built in water dispenser or ice maker which is popular with consumers; higher end models can even come with touch screens and can keep an inventory of your food or play a TV show while you cook!  SOS Appliance Repair has the experience and staff for all your fridge repair needs in the Greater Toronto Area or Calgary.

Side by Side Fridge Repair

Side by Side Refrigerators are slightly different from their “French” cousins; French door fridges merely have two doors which open from the middle while Side by Side fridges have two separate compartments for each of the doors.  Which one is desired is mostly a choice of preference but the smaller compartments in the side by side models makes it difficult to fit larger items such as leftover pizza inside.  Side by Side fridges also tend to come with a smaller price tag than French Door refrigerators.  If you’re looking for side by side fridge repair in Toronto or Calgary, SOS Appliance Repair has you covered!

Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge Repair

Bottom Mount Freezers are a very popular feature that is becoming standard in all fridges whether they are a French door style or a simple two door model.  Placing the freezer at the bottom not only makes it easier for you to see what is in your fridge but simply makes more sense; fewer things tend to be stored in the freezer and are taken out less frequently than the fridge compartment.  At SOS Appliance Repair, we specialize in all types of fridge repair and provide service in the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary.

Top Freezer Fridge Repair

Top Freezer Refrigerators are a classic design which is losing popularity but still has some good points going for it.  Top Freezer fridges offer a wider variety in sizes than other models and more easily fit into smaller homes without having to downgrade to a mini- or bar fridge.  They are also becoming very cheap due to the demand for the other styles of full sized units and savvy consumers can get them at a discount if they don’t mind a little less flash or convenience.  According to they are also the most reliable style of fridge.  SOS Appliance Repair is the leading fridge repair service in Toronto and Calgary, don’t hesitate to call us to get your refrigerator fixed ASAP!

Compact Fridge Repair

Compact Refrigerators involve a variety of different styles of fridges which can include mini fridges, bar fridges, drawer and double drawer fridges, and even wine chillers.  Each of these styles of fridges tends to be purchased to fill a short term need or a very specific set of circumstances.  Those with a small home may enjoy a small fridge tucked under the counter as opposed to a full sized fridge or to supplement a full sized one.  Wine chillers are, of course, most frequently purchased by connoisseurs of fine wines but can hold bottles for other types of beverages as well if the sizes are not too disparate. Mini or bar fridges are a staple of any students residence if they are away from home or the go to item in any man cave.  No matter what the need is, you should be able to find a refrigerator that meets your needs with a bit of careful shopping.  SOS Appliance Repair can provide you with expert fridge repair in Toronto and Calgary.  Call us now to book your appointment!

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