Freezer Repair Services in Toronto & the GTA

Freezer Chest

Freezer chests are best for those who wish to take advantage of bulk food specials and perhaps like to make their own jams, ready-made meals, or just need more room than there is in their refrigerator’s freezer compartment.  Chest freezers are much larger than their upright cousins but tend to require more effort to organize anything that is placed inside of them; most will come with one basket to help organize but not much else.  The biggest disadvantage of chest freezers is that they involve a lot of bending and digging for the exact frozen item that you need and homeowners should be very careful about what size of freezer chest they purchase; you may not be able to fit it in the house if you purchase one that is too large.  Removing doors from the frame is a common step to getting these convenient appliances in the house.

Upright Freezers

Upright Freezers are not only smaller than chest freezers but tend to be more expensive as well.  It can be easier to find models with an automatic defrost feature which will save time over the long run.  The best reason to get an upright freezer however is for the ease or storing foods.  Most models will have removable or adjustable storage bins and there is much less rooting around for items because of this.

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